Health care: Journal of Public Health Care is a peer-reviewed, international journal which publishes authentic and real articles which covers all the fields of health care related to Genetic Factors, Risk Management, Health Education, different safety programs, Health promotion etc. Public health refers in short to the health of populations, however those populations are defined.
It is an open access platform the relevant discussions and research ahead on this hot issue. This journal contemplates almost all the facets social issues and research associated with the health of public. 
The journal is a scholarly journal preserve high standards of scientific distinction and eminence. The editorial board of this journal corroborates quick peer review process with the aid of Editorial Manager System.
Aim and Scope 
The Journal aspires and summons different researchers from all over the world to publish their valuable work in our Journal. Target of the journal involves public and its health awareness. To find out different manner and approaches by which public is able to know the risks, their prevention and control as well as whom to see in such situation for aid.
The journal covers latest study of the fields majorly,

  • Primary Health Care of people
  • Prevention and protection and disease
  • Epidemiology 
  • Health Promotion and Communication 
  • Health Policy and Management 
  • Global Health
  • Risk assessment    
  • Health disparities
  • Infection and Diseases
  • Bioterrorism
  • Surveillance
  • Health law and policies and many more

Primary Health Care of people

Primary health care refers to the care provided to each and every individual of the community by improving and protecting their health. It involves the identification of economic, biomedical, environmental and social factors of health from a worldwide perspective. 
It also describes other factors that affect health like behaviors, beliefs, attitude and knowledge. It further discusses input by consumers in configuring health policies and application. 

Prevention and protection of disease

It refers to ceasing of something that is going to occur and appear. It focuses on making people healthy and maintaining their health in a constant manner. 
Prevention and protection involves the actions that form basic estimation to avert transmission of contagious diseases within the environments of health care is cleaved into transmission-based and standard precautions.
The journal has all the newly written articles that talks about forming the systematic alternation- through physical, social, economic environments, better and advanced regulations/policies, rules and laws to uplift, make convenient and allow healthy choices.


Epidemiology is the study that shows how frequently diseases appear in various groups of the folks and why?
Research in epidemiology inspects different diseases and check whether there is any connection or inter-relationship with, for e.g., vulnerability to cigarette smoke or stress, infectious agents, radiation and state of hypertension, obesity, lung cancer, myocardial infarction etc. 
The above knowledge and its understanding is then utilized in the progress of disease prevention.

Health Promotion and Communication

This section implicates education of health, health literacy and health outcomes. Literacy of health is fairly a recent notion in the promotion of health. Child health and maternal health can be promoted by campaigns in order to avoid communicable disease and to proselytize immunization and various health services. Health communication aids in the awareness of threat of chronic illness and recent infectious diseases.
The journal publishes all the original and relevant articles by the proficient authors that would describe all the valuable information important for the awareness of the readers.

Health Policy and Management

It is a multidisciplinary field related with the costs, quality and delivery of the health care for the single as well as for the population. 
The field involves health economics, Public health law and ethics.

Global Health

It is the health of the people or whole population in the global milieu. It is further defined as the area of research, practice and study sets a priority in the betterment of health and attaining righteous integrity in health for population across the world. The field includes:
•    Animal health, food sourcing, and supply
•    Non communicable diseases
•    Political factors
•    Economic disparities, access to health care
•    Environmental factors
•    Pandemics

Risk assessment
Risk factors and hazards are identified that have the prospective of causing any kind of major or minor suffering. It also inspects and assesses the risk related to that hazard. 
It further involves the determination of various pertinent ways to eradicate the hazard, or oversight the risk when the harm cannot be eradicated.

Health disparities

The term refers to the variance in status of the health of unlike groups of people. Different groups suffer with certain disease with higher rates adding more deaths and harm from them in comparison to others. These groups can be classified on the bases of
•    Income
•    Geography
•    Sexual orientation
•    Sex or gender
•    Disability
•    Immigrant status
•    Ethnicity
•    Race

Infection and Diseases

There’s a large list of microorganisms that is responsible for the cause of infection and diseases. The different classes of microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi. Microbiology is a vast field that deals with the study of microorganisms.

Symptoms may include
•    Muscle ache
•    Fatigue
•    Diarrhea
•    Fever


Microbes or their toxins commonly known as biological agents are being disseminated or released. Identification of event is one of the most important step in the attack of a bioterrorist. This can be attained by initiating awareness, having high degree of intuition and having a good surveillance and scrutiny to aid expeditious detection. 

Health law and policies

Public health law refers to any ordinance, statue or rule with the intention of promoting or protecting public health. Society’s interest is taken into consideration by assuring the conditions in which people are going to be healthy.