Tissue Preservation & Bio-Banking

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Fixation is that the preservation of biological tissues from decay because of lies or putrefaction. It terminates any current organic chemistry reactions and should additionally increase the treated tissues' mechanical strength or stability. Tissue fixation could be a crucial step within the preparation of microscopic anatomy sections, its broad objective being to preserve cells and tissue parts and to try to to this in such the simplest way on afford the preparation of skinny, stained sections. This permits the investigation of the tissues' structure that is decided by the shapes and sizes of such macromolecules (in and around cells) as proteins and nucleic acids. A bio bank could be a kind of bio repository that stores biological samples (usually human) to be used in analysis. Since the late Nineteen Nineties bio banks became a vital resource in medical analysis, supporting many varieties of up to date analysis like genetic science and personalized drugs.

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