Social Psychiatry

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Social Psychiatry

Social medicine may be a branch of medicine that focuses on the social and cultural context of folie and mental prosperity. It involves a generally disparate set of theories and approaches; with work stretching from medicine survey analysis on the one hand, to a shadowy boundary with individual or group therapy on the opposite. Social medicine deals with social factors related to medical specialty morbidity, social effects of mental state, psycho-social disorders and social approaches to medical specialty care.
Social medicine and medical specialty Rehabilitation aims to explain the processes and outcomes of mental state care and rehabilitation likewise as a spread of holistic approaches to worry each at intervals and outdoors establishments.

Why will we want a social psychiatry?

Human beings square measure social animals and familial or social relationships will cause a spread of difficulties likewise as providing support in our social functioning. the standard manner of observing mental state has centered on abnormal thoughts, actions and behaviours in response to internal causes (such as biological factors) likewise as external ones like social determinants and social stressors. We tend to contend that medicine is social. Mental state and interventions in medicine ought to be thought-about within the framework of social context wherever patients live and factors they face on a routine.

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