Dual Diagnosis - Mental Illness Co-occurring with Substance

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Dual Diagnosis - Mental Illness Co-occurring with Substance Abuse

Dual Diagnosis:

The Dual identification is also spoken as co-occurring disorders could be a term for once somebody experiences a mental disease and a substance use disorder at the same time. It’s either disorder substance use or mental disease will develop initial. The individuals experiencing a mental state condition could intercommunicate alcohol or different medicine as a kind of self-medication to enhance the mental state symptoms they expertise. However, the analysis shows that alcohol and different medicine worsen the symptoms of mental sicknesses.


Because several mixtures of twin identification will occur, the symptoms vary wide. Mental state clinics square measure beginning to use alcohol and drug screening tools to assist determine individuals in danger for drug and alcoholic abuse. Symptoms of substance use disorder could include:
•    Withdrawal from friends and family
•    Sudden changes in behavior
•    Using substances below dangerous conditions
•    Engaging in risky behaviors
•    Loss of management over use of drugs
•    Developing a high tolerance and withdrawal symptoms
•    Feeling such as you would like a drug to be able to operate

How is twin identification treated?

The best treatment for twin identification is integrated intervention, once an individual receives look after each their diagnosed mental disease and abuse.
•    Detoxification
•    Inpatient Rehabilitation

What square measure Co-occurring Disorders?

People who have substance use disorders yet as mental state disorders square measure diagnosed as having co-occurring disorders, or twin disorders. This is often additionally generally known as twin identification.

Substance use disorder:

A substance use disorder includes
•    Alcohol or misuse
•    Alcohol or drug dependence

Alcohol or misuse: Alcohol or drug abuse is diagnosed once substance use interferes with engaging at work, at school, and in social relationships. It’s additionally diagnosed once substance use creates or worsens a medical condition or once substance use happens in dangerous things.

Alcohol or drug dependence: Alcohol or drug dependence could be a lot of severe condition than alcohol or misuse. Additionally to facing a lot of negative consequences, individuals with dependence have unsuccessful in their makes an attempt to abstain from or management their use of drugs.

Mental health disorders:

•    Mood-related disorders
•    Major depression
•    Dysthymia
•    Bipolar disorder
•    Severe mental disease
•    Schizophrenia
•    Schizoaffective disorder
•    Anxiety-related disorders
•    Post-traumatic stress disorder
•    Panic disorder
•    Social anxiety
•    Generalized folie
•    Obsessive-compulsive disorder

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