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Phytomedicine is a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering the fields of phytotherapy, phytomedicine, and toxicology of plants and their extracts. It is reasonable to envision the one heading of "phytomedicine" discussing the most prevalent herbal practices as "herbalism", with a secondary subheading on plant diseases, would provide adequate information to encyclopedia users the goal was to advance the scientific status of herbal medicinal products and to assist with the harmonization of their regulatory status at the European level and thus to promote the acceptance of herbal drugs, also called phytomedicines.

•    Phytochemical analysis
•    Membrane trafficking in plant cell
•    Plant phytotherapy

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International Plant Genomics and Plant Sciences Conference ,London, United Kingdom; World Development on Plant Physiology Conference, Bangkok, Thailand; International Plant Physiology and Weed Science Conference ,Bali, Indonesia; International Conference on Plant Physiology, Ecology, Physiology and Botanical Science, Zurich, Switzerland

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