Oncology Rehabilitation

Description :

It includes a large vary of therapies and assist to designed your build strength and endurance, regain independence, cut back stress and maintain the energy to participate in daily activities that square measure necessary to you.
The rehabilitation therapies we provide patients include:
Physical Therapy: As a part of your cancer treatment, our physical therapists could assist you style associate degree personalized exercise program that mixes range-of-motion coaching with lightweight resistance exercises. These therapeutic exercises aim to cut back fatigue and improve physical perform, safety and well-being.
Occupational Therapy: Our activity therapist’s square measure out there to assist you with daily living activities that square measure necessary to your routine and quality of life, like dressing, showering and uptake.
Speech and Language Pathology: several cancer patients could get pleasure from speech and language pathology. Therapists address issues you will be experiencing, as well as waterlessness, issue swallowing, loss of voice and psychological feature changes that always result from cancer treatment.
Manual Therapy: Our massage therapists might provide techniques designed to assist cut back your cancer-related pain and improve your quality of life throughout cancer treatment. Some manual medical aid choices include:
• Traditional massage
• Stone medical aid
• Myofacial unleash
• Soft-tissue manipulation with passive stretching
• Aromatherapy
• Effleurage massage
• Trigger purpose medical aid
• Acupressure
• Reflexology

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