Hematology & Leukemia

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Hematology and Leukemia includes the study of all types of blood cells, the blood-forming organs, and study of etiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, prevention of blood diseases along with hemostasis and transfusion medicine. The scope covers the articles that study the biology of all types hematologic malignancies, their diagnosis, symptoms, prevention, risk factors and treatment along with the recent advances in this field. This section will help you to find out more information about cancers of the blood. These include leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Blood cancers are also called hematological cancers.  Hematology is the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to the blood including cancers of the blood.
Hematological malignancies are the types of cancer affecting blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes. They are referred to as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma depending on the type of cell affected. The three types of malignancies are connected through the immune system and, generally, a disease affecting one will also affect the others

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