Neurological Disorders and Neurological Treatment

Description :

Neurological disorders are doubtless among the most frightening illnesses that human beings face. Some other kinds of dysfunction, such as cancer or virus detection, are at least easily comprehended, if not so easily dealt with. Learning that may cause neurological issues, can be the difference between a fully enfranchised patient who is in charge of their own decisions and a helpless, terrified subject who’s worried about mysterious ailments that don’t make any sense.

•    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
•    Aneurysm
•    Bell’s palsy
•    Birth defects of the spinal cord & brain
•    Brain injury
•    Brain tumor
•    Cerebral palsy
•    Chronic fatigue syndrome
•    Concussion
•    Disk disease of neck and lower back
•    Dizziness
•    Guillain-Barré syndrome
•    Headaches and migraines
•    Psychiatric conditions (severe depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder)
•    Vertigo
•    Scoliosis

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