Movement Disorders

Description :

Movement disorders are neurologic conditions that cause problems with movement, such as
Increased or accelearted movement can be voluntary or involuntary & decreased or slow voluntary movement. Treatment may varies according to the type of disorder. Some can be cured by medicines whereas some have no cure.

•    Chorea
•    Ataxia
•    Tremor and essential tremor
•    Rett Syndrome
•    Myoclonus and startle
•    Tics and Tourette syndrome
•    Restless legs syndrome
•    Gait disorders
•    Spasticity
•    Stiff Person Spectrum Disorder
•    Functional movement disorder
•    Myoclonus
•    Tardive dyskinesia
•    Tourette syndrome
•    Wilson's disease
•    Secondary Parkinsonism

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