General Neurology

Description :

Neurology is a medical specialty concerned with the nervous system and its functional or organic disorders. In the early 18th century, first scientific study of nerve function in animals were performed by English physiologist Scottish physiologist Robert Whytt and Stephen Hales. In the late 19th century, knowledge was gained about the causes of aphasia, epilepsy, and motor problems arising from brain damage. French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot and English neurologist William Gowers classified & described many diseases of the nervous system.

•    headache medicine
•    neuromuscular medicine
•    neurocritical care
•    neuro-oncology
•    geriatric neurology
•    autonomic disorders
•    vascular (stroke care)
•    child neurology
•    intervention neuroradiology
•    Neuropediatrics and Neurorehabilitation
•    Speech and Language disorders
•    Movement disorders
•    Neurodegenerative disorders
•    Cerebrovascular diseases

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