Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology

Description :

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology (DMCN) is the field of pediatric neurology and neurodisability which is of interest to researchers, all health professionals concerned with developmental disability and child neurology, and others involved in the care of children and young people. DMCN improves the lives and the care of disabled children and their families by disseminating throughout the world high quality clinical research into the wide range of neurological conditions and disabilities that affect children.

•    Pediatric Neurology
•    Neurodisability
•    Child Development
•    Cerebral Palsy
•    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
•    Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery
•    Neurogenetics
•    Neurophysiology
•    Neuropathology
•    Child Psychology
•    Physical, Occupational & Speech and Language Therapies
•    Orthotics and Assistive Technologies
•    Neuroimaging
•    ADHD, Epilepsy, ASD
•    Movement disorders, including neuromuscular
•    Quality of Life

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