Addiction and Brain disorders

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Drug addiction is a brain disease that has become axiomatic. Especially after the idea became popular in the 1990s, around the globe aspiring health professionals treating substance abuse are indoctrinated with this belief, . Its popularity extends far beyond the hallowed halls of academia. The May 1997 Time and the September 2017 National Geographic magazines both were dedicated to the brain science of addiction. The number of other popular magazines have run similar cover stories over the past two decades

•    Addiction and Stress relation
•    Neuronal Ensembles in Drug Addiction
•    Neuronal Circuits and Behavior Unit
•    Addiction and the Brains Pleasure Pathway
•    Addictive Brain Recovery
•    Addiction and Brain Chemistry
•    Addiction and Brain Chemistry
•    Addiction Neurobiology
•    Drugs, Brain, and Behavior

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