Nanoelectronics and Nanometrology

Description :

Nano electronics is that the term utilized in the field of nanotechnology for electronic components and analysis on improvements of electronics such as display, size, and power consumption of the device for the practical use. This includes analysis on memory chips and surface physical modifications on the electronic devices. Nano electronics cover quantum mechanical properties of the hybrid material, semiconductor, single dimensional nanotubes, nanowires, then forth. Well-developed Nano electronics can be applied in different fields, and are especially useful for detecting disease-causing agents and disease biomarkers. As a consequence, point-of-care detection became popularized because of the involvement of Nano electronics.

Nanometrology is one of the field of metrology, understands with the science of measurement at the nanoscale range. Nanometrology includes a necessary role so as to produce nanomaterials and devices with a dependability and high degree of accuracy in nanomanufacturing. A challenge in this field is to make a new analysis techniques and standards to fulfil the needs of next generation in advanced manufacturing, which will rely on nanometer scale materials and technologies. The requirements for measurement and characterization of latest sample structures and characteristics so much exceed the abilities of current measurement science.

  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Scanning tunnelling microscope
  • Electron Microscope
  • Super Resolution Microscopy
  • Nanopatterning Nanoscales