Energy Materials

Description :

The increasing energy demand because of growing world population and therefore the crucial relationship between Energy, atmosphere and property cause novel discoveries and advancement within the field of Energy Materials in search of alternative resources. The prime demand to remodel feedstock into appropriate energy sources is that the catalyst for higher star cells and energy storage materials. Energy Materials is creating ground breaking developments within the science of materials innovation and production. At present, novel materials are unit technologically advanced for energy storage and generation. The transformation of typical fuel to renewable and property energy sources because of the geophysical and social stress leads to the event of Advanced Energy Materials to support rising technologies. The emerging materials for energy associated application area unit electrical phenomenon fuel cells, nanostructured materials, light sources etc.The foremost drivers are unit growing energy consumption, worth instability and emerging potential of renewable energy resources Energy materials among the past meant high energy explosive materials utilized in detonation and energy storage applications. Such energy cannot be regulated for extended period. Currently energy materials embody big choice of advanced and novel materials for the generation and storage of electrical power. Energy generation, management and distribution are the fastest evolving industries of recent times. The demand to develop components and sub-assemblies for novel product across the energy sector is increasing. Analysis in Production of electricity from piezoelectric materials, Biomass, photo chemistry is studied widely in several universities.