3D Printing of Biomaterials

Description :

3D printing is the method of creating three- dimensional structure of biomaterials by means of computer control. With respect to the nano-scale dimensions the biomaterials are classified into three type’s as- Nano-particle (3D), Nano-fiber (2D) and Nano-sheet (1D). 3D bioprinting is the process of huge cell patterns by using printing techniques along with the layer-by-layer method to produce tissue mimetic structures without any harm in cell function that can be further used in tissue engineering. Electrospinning technology defines deposition of polymer nanofibers on an object by using huge voltage to a liquid polymer solution. Bioprinting helps in the analysis of drugs and pills by printing tissues and organs. It is also used for small devices and microarrays.

  • 3D Bio plotting
  • Cell encapsulation
  • Photo polymerization
  • Biodegradable and bioresorsable polymers