Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

Description :

The research of Organic Chemistry involves the synthesis of organic molecules and the study of their reaction paths, interactions, and applications. Advanced interests include various topics such as the development of new synthetic methods for the assembly of complex organic molecules and polymeric materials. Organometallic Chemistry, Organo catalysis, the synthesis of natural products and non-natural products with unique biological and physical properties, structure and mechanistic analysis, natural product biosynthesis, theoretical chemistry and molecular modeling, diversity-oriented synthesis, and carbohydrate organic chemistry. Organic Chemistry mainly focuses on prediction of aromatic behavior and anti-aromatic behavior, carbohydrates & carboxylic acids, nitriles & phenols, phosphine & polymers. 

Inorganic chemistry related to the properties and reactivity of all chemical elements. Advanced interests focus on understanding the role of metals in biology and the environment. The designing properties of materials for energy and information technology, fundamental studies on the reactivity of main group and transition elements and Nanotechnology. Inorganic chemistry mainly deals with the coordination chemistry, case studies, crystallography, crystal field theory, crystal lattices, descriptive chemistry, electronic configurations, ligand field theory, molecular geometry and organometallic chemistry.

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