Case Reports in Cardiology

Description :

Cardiology is a division of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart. Heart is a key muscular organ in humans and other animals, pumps blood via blood vessels of the circulatory system. The drugs that are used to cure other disorders in body show a great impact on heart causing various side effects. Hence case reports on cardiac arrest and diseases have a huge importance and help in innovation of treatment strategies. This Cardiology conference will help in networking, business to business partnering between professionals and academicians & are very important for the common people to be responsive of the most important part of human body that is heart.

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Success With Failure: Strategies for the Evaluation and Treatment of Heart Failure 2020, Whistler , Canada, Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in Heart Congress, Tokyo, Japan, 31st European Heart Diseases & Heart Failure Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, 26th International Conference on Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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