Nano 3D Printing

Description :

Nanotechnology is the handling of material with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology has a lot in mutual with the additive manufacturing technology. At least, these two technologies are starting to revolutionize a lot of different divisions, from the medical industry, to chemistry or consumer products. The nanotechnology and 3D micro printing can totally be0020joined to create new impressive projects. Related Nano 3D Printing Conferences | Nano 3D Printing Conferences 2020 | Nano 3D Printing Congress | Nano 3D Printing Congress 2020 | Nano 3D Printing Meetings | Nano 3D Printing Meetings 2020 | Nano 3D Printing Events | Nano 3D Printing Events 2020 Related Associations: ASM Materials Education Foundation | German Materials Society | French Society of Metallurgy and Materials | Swiss Association for Materials Technology | Association for Metal Additive Manufacturing | Spanish Association of Additive Manufacturing Technologies | The National Additive Manufacturing Association | VDMA Additive Manufacturing Association